22 Push Up Challenge

My friend and business associate Jerry Spangler nominated me for the 22 Push Up Per Day Challenge.  The way it works is that once nominated, a person must complete 22 push-ups everyday for 22 days straight?

Why on Earth would someone want to do 22 push-ups per day?  The answer is chilling…

On average, 22 American veterans take their life through suicide each day.  They come home from combat a different person than when they left and unfortunately, our country is ill-equipped to provide the much needed attention and support they desperately require.  That is mind boggling.  It’s 22 more that are dying than need to each day!

This is not much, but it is intended to drive awareness and support.  I’ve accepted the challenge and I am committed to up keeping my end of this…  I shot a quick video below accepting the 22 push-up challenge and making myself accountable!

I will be the first to admit that I am much more excited about getting on the deck and knocking out push-ups than I was when I got challenged to fill a bucket up of ice water and then dump it on my head!

Please consider doing a little to help.  There are countless organizations that provide the assistance our veterans deserve.  My favorites are:  The Semper Fi Fund and Fisher House.  There are several solid organizations that provide assistance and unfortunately, there are several that don’t send much of the donated monies to those in need.  I recommend looking up any charity you are interested in giving your money to and checking their score.  The resource I use is CharityWatch.org

22 Push Up Challenge #22pushupchallenge

Be sure to stay plugged into my Facebook page or my Instagram account, as I will be posting videos there each day…  I’ll also be nominating others to join me to raise awareness.  Please spread the word!


Michael Hamburger

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