Why have $100,000,000.00 per year companies HIRED Michael Hamburger?


Private Coaching with Michael Hamburger


Private Coaching with Michael Hamburger: If this is good enough for $100,000,000 per year companies, ask yourself what Michael’s mentorship can do for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.


Private Coaching with Michael Hamburger

Every GREAT has a coach.  Elite Athletes, Top Performers in Business, Entertainers…  Tiger Woods has a coach.  Michael Jordan has a coach. Justin Bieber has a coach. 


Catapult your business today!

Interested in securing one-on-one private coaching with Michael Hamburger?

Often referred to as the “Income Expert’, Michael Hamburger has personally mentored and trained some of the direct sales industry’s Top Income Earners.  No frills, no fuss… just serious hand’s on private coaching with one of the direct sales industry’s BEST trainers.  Choose from the POWER Package and Market Ready Package for Private Coaching with Michael Hamburger.

The POWER Package = Initial 1 hour private One-On-One meeting with each additional private one-on-one  1/2 hour meeting for remaining sessions.  Cover Michael’s “MMA” philosophy: Mindset, Marketing and ACTION!

Market Ready Package = PRIVATE 1 Hour One-On-One Coaching and Mentoring. The Market Ready package is designed to assist anyone become a serious marketer in today’s competitive marketing environment.  Market Ready students will cover Michael’s “MMA” philosophy: Mindset, Marketing and ACTION!

Private One-on-One Coaching

Private Coaching with Michael Hamburger at my home office

Interested in spending an entire weekend with Michael Hamburger in his Scottsdale, Arizona home office one-on-one?  Learn every aspect of Michael’s MMA philosophy: Mindset, Marketing and ACTION to take your business to the next level.

** Limited availability throughout the year **