Common Sense Wealth Building

People with a scarcity mentality want you to believe that success is complicated. This might be tough for you to accept right now, but I’m here to tell you that the only complication is you!

Here’s an illustration. Elephants are among the most physically powerful animals on the planet. When an elephant really wants to go somewhere, you’ve basically got two choices – go WITH it, or get out-of-the-way. Unless you want to go on a literal “crash” diet and get really thin, really fast!

Even with their amazing physical strength, elephants that have been domesticated can be kept in a confined area with almost no force at all. When they’re only babies, trainers tether them by one foot to a stake in the ground using a thin cord. As the elephant matures, their “world” becomes the space they can reach at the end of the rope. Even though a grown elephant can easily snap the cord with almost no effort at all, they’re conditioned by habit to live within those limits.

You already know where I’m going with this, right?

Our perception of lack is just like that flimsy rope holding a massive elephant inside an easily escapable imaginary circle. Beliefs about money being hard to come by and hard to hold on can take on the ILLUSION of reality after decades of conditioning, but they’re only as confining as we ALLOW them to be.

The truth is that wealth and opportunity are all around us, all the time. The scarcity we experience is nothing more than the residue of old choices and old beliefs. We’re free to snap that limiting cord at any time, by making new choices and creating new beliefs. Sadly, most people remain inside that imaginary circle of limitation because they don’t realize the creative power they have at their disposal.

What are some limiting beliefs about wealth creation you can let go of NOW to make room for an abundant new way of thinking?

Try some of these on for size:

  1. Money flows to me effortlessly from all directions.
  2. Opportunities to create wealth are all around me.
  3. There is always an abundance of money for what I’m creating.
  4. I surround myself with people who are creating abundance.
  5. I welcome ideas, encouragement and opportunities into my life.
  6. I deserve abundant wealth and I now welcome it into my life.
  7. I am a responsible person who is totally in control of my finances.
  8. I live in a world of plenty.
  9. I now release all limiting beliefs about money.
  10. I’m paid well to do what I love.
  11. My income is always increasing.
  12. Everything I touch prospers.

Experiment with repeating some of these out loud. If this way of thinking is new to you, you might feel some resistance coming up. If it does, make a note of it and welcome it. That’s your subconscious mind telling you where your CURRENT belief system is in conflict with what you’re saying.

Rather than dismissing those thoughts as “negative,” use them to your advantage instead. Those are the imaginary ropes holding you back from the abundant life you were really meant to live. It’s a signal to you that it’s time to release a belief that’s no longer serving you and replace it with a more expansive thought.

What I’m telling you is very simple, but not necessarily easy. It takes practice and persistence to over-write decades of old programming, but the change can and will be instantaneous. You create the amount of wealth that you hold in your thoughts the majority of the time. Every day, I surround myself with people that are walking out of that circle of scarcity and waking up to the wealth that’s been within their reach all along. I look forward to welcoming you into that way of thinking, sooner than later.


Michael Hamburger

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