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Michael Hamburger is joined by some of the who’s who within the home based business industry on his weekly radio show.
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“The Michael Hamburger Show” can be found weekly on the Home Business Radio Network – Positive Powered Radio.



Aaron Rashkin is one of those people I believe everyone of us ‘hopes’ to come across in this industry.  He’s one of the good guys and in my book, he’s one of my favorites. Not only is Aaron a very likable guy, he is a direct sales professional that constantly leads by example and leaves everything he has on the court.  Aaron can be reached online by visiting his website www.aaronrashkin.com

Bill Drevyanko, a 35 year veteran professional network marketer, spends a few minutes on show.  Bill shares some of the highs and lows that have catapulted his direct selling career.  

Christina Wagner is the host of NBC’s “The Social View” on Phoenix affiliate stations. The Social Views brings gives thought leaders a space to share what they know. This show focuses on what works and what doesn’t.  Social Views with Christina Wagner, its the ins & outs of social media Saturday @ 4pm on NBC 1260 www.christinadwagner.com

Jack Baugher of Clients First, LLC discusses the importance of finding a solid and reputable network marketing company.  Jack can be found online at www.clientsrfirst.com

John Lavenia, often referred to as the Godzilla of personal development, popped on to share some of the simple ways to go from an employee to entrepreneurial mindset. John can be found online by visiting: www.BoldStatementMarketing.com

Kevin Thompson, known throughout the MLM world as the MLM Attorney, Kevin brings a wealth of info to the table. Kevin operates a law practice that specializes in providing legal services for startup network marketing companies. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, it pays to be well informed. Visit Kevin online by visiting: www.themlmattorney.com

Lisa Kitter, learned first-hand how to go from struggling in MLM to taking her life and her business to the top of the mountain.  Lisa shares some very valuable insight with our listeners.  Lisa has also “gifted” our listeners with a FREE 1 hour webinar on “How to Build Your Business Even Though You Have Life Distractions and Financial Worries” – register here.  Lisa can be found online at www.LisaKitter.com

Marc Barrett, 7 figure income earner in traditional MLM falls in love with the top tier business model.  Marc is a master in high volume online lead generation and graciously shares a free ebook with our listeners who visit www.NoBoss.net/leads

Mark Hoverson, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark and his lovely wife Shannon through some mutual friends. Honestly, I knew his name but very little about him other than the fact that he was a successful internet marketer.  Not only is Mark a total class act, he knows his stuff. We started down one path on the show and changed gears mid-show with some very insightful tips for online marketing and branding.  www.whoismarkhoverson.com

Michael Bernoff is a master in the art of communication, sales training, persuasion and personal development.  I’m a little biased, as Michael is also a good friend and a member of my personal mastermind.  Michael is one of those guy’s you want to have in your corner championing you!  Michael is offering listeners of the show a Free Cool Video series.  Be sure to bookmark his website www.michaelbernoff.com

Robert Mercado has quickly come onto the home business direct sales scene.  Robert builds his business leveraging the power and depth of the internet.  Robert has share his abbreviated script with our listeners.  Click here to download Robert’s script for connecting with potential new team members and closing sales.  Be sure to connect with Robert online by visiting www.robertsfans.com.

Robin Firestone, known as the Home Business Diva, Robin brings a wealth of personal development and direct sales experience to the world. Robin and her family were the lone American witnesses to the tragic crash in 1997 that took Princess Diana’s life. Robin’s book Chasing Diana is available online www.chasingdiana.com

Scott Letourneau, CEO and founder of Nevada Corporate Planners shared with us today simple ways for entrepreneurs to avoid some common pitfalls by properly structuring their business as a business.  Scott was so gracious to share a free 60 minute CD with our listeners by visiting www.nvinc.com/michael-hamburger.

Tara Wilson, went from being former mortgage professional to earning more than $1 million per year in direct selling in under 5 years.  Tara  joined us for a very powerful show.  Tara can be found online at www.TaraWilsonblog.com

Tim McDonnell, is a freelance creative consultant specializing in the written and spoken word.  He writes and narrates original content for marketing, advertising, broadcasting, podcasts, live events and multi-media instructional products. Tim has made a limited time value-packed offer available to the listeners of the Michael Hamburger Show by clicking here.  Tim can be found online at www.SpeedofInsight.com



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