Quick favor, thanks in advance…

Thanks for taking a quick minute to read this.

I know you are super busy and I value your time.

Something HUGE has happened in my life and I’d like to ask a quick favor.

Would you mind reading this email and responding to me?

This is a very BIG change for me and it would mean a lot, thanks!

I have 3 VERY important points that I want to make with you today.

First off, I have stepped away from Orenda International as their VP of Business Development & working as a hybrid corporate guy in the field.

I am maintaining my downline with the company, as Orenda’s products are life-changing and I am a BIG fan (obviously).

Not only are their products the best in each category I have EVER seen, their owners and corporate team are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with!

Yes, this also means that I am no longer driving the Tesla!

1. => I have officially left Orenda International.

Let me share some insight…

I went to drop off a couple of the Clean Burn Shape 10 Day Cleanses to an old business partner of mine a couple of weeks ago (he ended up losing 10+ lbs on the cleanse!)  

When I did, I bumped into an old networking buddy and some pretty interesting conversations took place.

What these 2 visionaries showed me was something that literally changed the course and direction of my career path.

They showed me months of intense focus and labor of their plan to build their new company, which is the best thing I’ve seen happen to this industry.

And here is my big news…

2. => I’m the new Chief Sales Officer for the World’s First Internet Marketing College!  

I was BLOWN AWAY, to say the least, by what I saw.

I instantly joined the “No Sleep Club”, as this concept is desperately needed in the marketplace…

Everything from the concept, the curriculum, the compensation plan and the huge gap in the marketplace all equaled brain overload.

I knew I had to make some big boy decisions.

Stay laser focused on building a team with Orenda or be a part of the executive corporate team of something that I know will be a major movement.

With all of this being said, I accepted the position of Chief Sales Officer of a brand new Internet Marketing College (IMC).

My role is to build the company from the ground floor…

We have had 5 bonafide million dollar per year plus internet marketers join the team just in the past 24 hours.

Here is why the biggest leaders in the industry are jumping all over this opportunity.

  • When you earn $100,000 in commissions, you get a matching bonus of $100,000 cash – Paid up front!
  • When you earn $1,000,000 in commissions, you get a matching bonus of $1,000,000 cash – Paid up front!

That is available to EVERYONE, including YOU!

We know not everyone will achieve this but several will.

We have people that went from a grand total of earning $60 online to bumping that up to a cool $1.7 million just a year later.

(This is not a claim that you will do the same, as this is not a typical result)

My phone has been ringing nonstop with people inquiring about THE Internet Marketing College…


The internet is in my humble opinion the greatest wealth creation vehicle created in the past million years bar none! Knowing how to capitalize on it is the difference between making a little bit of $ and making as much as you truly desire!

And it can help you get more Traffic, Leads, & Sales for ANY business you want, including any direct sales company you might be building.

Contact me privately for details – we have a 3 day mastermind happening here in Scottsdale, AZ next Friday – Sunday, May 20-22.

Tickets are normally $1,200 but with my discount code, your tix are just $10 for all 3 days!

3. => Come Meet the Corporate Team and See the Vision for Yourself!



This is for all business owners, realtors, loan officers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers & network marketers!!!

ANYONE who wants to profit online or increase their current online revenues  deserves to look at this closely right now!

I look forward to seeing you out here in AZ.

Mark my words…  I am rarely wrong about stuff like this…

This will be the BIGGEST MOVEMENT to hit the internet marketing space in a long time!




Michael Hamburger
Chief Sales Officer
Internet Marketing College

(480) 515-9890 cell

Register for the Event Now -> http://bit.ly/1Wt4rSS <- Click on the link now!


P.S. I am around this weekend, as I am in San Diego with one of the founders, as he is a keynote speaker at a very large internet marketing conference taking place this weekend.  

If you are attending No Excuses Summit 7, be sure to track down or send me a text so we can meet up.  I’d love to introduce you to Chris.

***I am not building a team as a marketer – I am building the company’s launch team & working with our leaders to create MASSIVE results!***

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