Ready, Go, Go!

You plan and watch and wait for that big money maker to come in. I’ll let you in on a little secret. By the time you see confirmation in the headlines, entrepreneurs with the action habit (like me and my friends) have already made their plays and moved on to the next big thing.

How great would it feel to be a part of that group all the time?

What if you could have a system in place to get you out of the rumors and tips trap forever and making solid, dependable profits? The simple truth is that you CAN – if you’re willing to be coachable on what risk and value are really all about.

You might get the idea that top earning entrepreneurs have some secret formula for timing the market. I’ll grant you that my partners and I show up in the right place at the right time a LOT more than the average person, but it’s not because we have a “mole” on the inside giving us information that’s not available to the public. It’s because we follow a structured process to quickly size up value and risk and GO while other people are still “getting ready.”

This is real entrepreneurship.

When you boil it down to the basics, that’s what entrepreneurship is really all about – taking what you find and increasing the VALUE while minimizing your risk. The most successful entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily the ones with the most knowledge, skill or talent. They’re the ones who:

  1. Have a simple process for recognizing value.
  2. Work the process day in, day out, no matter what.
  3. Act with purpose when other people are still getting ready.
  4. Let go of dependency on others to make things happen.
  5. Understand that VALUE is everywhere when you know how to look for it.
  6. Are willing to set aside what they want NOW for what they want MOST.
  7. Have an inner craving for freedom and expansiveness in their lives.
  8. Choose not to participate in other people’s doom, gloom and negativity.
  9. Know that they truly deserve all the rewards they can imagine.
  10. Leap out of the “ready, set, ready, set” loop and decide to GO!


Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

For years I’ve listened to “experts” warning people about the down side of real estate, falling prices, slow markets and horror stories about the mortgage bubble. They all have piles of data to back up their “wait and see” opinions, but here’s the gap in that way of thinking. Data points are just pins in a map about individual cases – they’re not absolute truth about ALL opportunities in any market.

This is what real entrepreneurs know.

Value doesn’t go away in a down market. It just changes form. Before somebody learned how to release the hidden energy stored in a lump of coal or a pool of oil, the idea of fuel from the ground would have sounded like science fiction at best. Now, that technology is considered “old school” and commonplace. In ANY down market, there are hidden pockets of value everywhere, waiting to be tapped for a massive flow of profits – if you know where to look and how to release it.

Here’s the great news!

It doesn’t take a technical degree, an MBA, specialized skills or equipment or a ton of venture capital to get into the entrepreneurial game and win. All it really takes is desire, discipline and a teachable attitude.

My partners and I get the privilege of launching new dreams every day as we equip new entrepreneurs with the simple tools to recognize value and act on it. We teach people how to become their own “moles” and act on opportunities they create for themselves.

Some will read this and keep getting ready to get ready. Others will see an open door to an abundant new life and walk through it.


Michael Hamburger

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