Be A Big Picture Player

It seems like everyone has an opinion about the real estate market. When you have a decision to make that impacts your future, basing it on one negative opinion can be the riskiest strategy of all. Are you certain that you’re seeing the big picture?

Almost everybody knows somebody who bought in high and lost money or ended up underwater on an overvalued property. No matter what market sector or investment class you look at, you’ll always hear a cautionary tale from some well meaning novice who thinks you ought to stay away from it. Yeah, there are bad deals in any vertical and it’s good to avoid them.

But there’s a flip side to that. Here’s the truth.

Opportunity NEVER goes away, even in a recession or a so-called “down” market. In fact, some of the BEST opportunities emerge when the crowd is moving in the opposite direction – if you know where to look. These are the times when lasting fortunes are made – the kind you can pass on to your children’s children and beyond. I work with people every day who are literally generating fortunes in what many are calling the “worst” real estate market in history. How are they able to do this?

  • They’ve educated themselves on the rules of the game
  • They’ve learned the data points that represent real value
  • They’ve substituted information for opinions and guesswork
  • They’ve trained themselves to recognize opportunity when it shows up
  • They’ve put a reliable system in place that empowers them to act on those opportunities

These are the “big picture” players. They read the same doom and gloom headlines as everybody else. They’ve got the same neighbor or brother-in-law telling them scare stories about the bad things that happened to them in real estate. What separates them from average people is that they don’t base their choices on the untested opinions of other people – they’re independent thinkers who act with confidence by gathering all the data and making their own judgments based on the true big picture.

Big picture players chart their own course in life.

It’s not that they don’t encounter doubts and fears, or that they never make mistakes. They do. The law of gravity applies to them just like it does for everyone else. Here’s what keeps them in the winner’s circle the majority of the time – they are SO CLEAR on what they desire and how they plan to achieve it that they’re immune to negative input from others. You are literally just one mouse click, one phone call, one decision away from creating that kind of life for yourself.

Here’s a final thought to consider. People are going to try to scare you and talk you out of things that they don’t have the drive or the vision to do themselves. Their excuses for failure have nothing to do with you! If you gather your own information and apply it to your own success system without exception, you’ll begin to see the opportunities that have been around you all along and act on them with purpose.


Michael Hamburger

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