The Chicken and the Pig

The Chicken and the Pig

There is an age-old fable about The Chicken and the Pig

chicken and pig

Have you ever heard the tale of the Chicken and the Pig?

The Chicken and the Pig fable goes something like is…

The Chicken and the Pig are walking down the road.
The Chicken says: “Hey Pig, I was thinking we should open a restaurant!”
Pig replies: “Hm, maybe, what would we call it?”
The Chicken responds: “How about ‘ham-n-eggs’?”
The Pig thinks for a moment and says: “No thanks. I’d be committed, but you’d only be involved!”

The Chicken and the Pig story has also been presented in the age-old form of a riddle:

Question: In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, what’s the difference between the Chicken and the Pig?

Answer: In The Chicken and the Pig riddle… The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed!

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In case you didn’t know that by now… Michael Hamburger is a pig!  Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the difference between involved and committed?”

In a bacon and egg breakfast, the chicken is involved by just laying the eggs, while the pig is committed since once you become bacon there is no going back!

I love The Chicken and the Pig parable. One of my original millionaire mentors (BIG THANKS Ron Mabry) used to say it all the time to his late son Brynn and myself, but it wasn’t until I went and ventured out into business on my own that I really understood the meaning at a cellular level.

And I am proud to say……. I am now a PIG.  I’ve been a pig for more than a decade and it’s the only way I could see myself playing the game of business.  Ask my wife Leslie Hamburger.  She’ll tell you that she’s married to a pig and it’s not because I forget to make the bed from time-to-time, although that is an entirely different story for a different time!  YES DEAR!!!

Over the years its become very easy to spot a pig.  They are the ones who show up, the ones who won’t give up, the ones who push past the pain of rejection. The ones who have some skin in the game.

For me, just being involved wouldn’t bring the results I want and I doubt it’ll bring you the results you desire.

Are you the Chicken or the Pig in your life and your business?

Our team members are getting results… both in their marketing business and in their real estate business.

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Are you ready to begin creating results like Joe and our team for YOURSELF?

You have a choice.  The Chicken and the Pig.

A YOU ready to become a PIG in your life and business?  


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